Well it started innocently enough. I went to the gym and had lunch with friends. Then I packed up all the food to go to a friend’s place to cook about 15 meals for the freezer.

Everything was going fine until about 4 PM when my friend gets a call from my boarder. In broken English she starts to say something. Hubby grabs the phone and says she is driving him to the hospital. He cut himself on the table saw! He rapidly assured me he still has all his fingers. I’m thankful for that.

Anyway my cooking stopped as soon as possible and my friend drove me to the ER. We live in an area of among the worst hospital ER waits in the country. It was 6 hours before we got to see home again. But we had fun nonetheless. They showed us to a small cubicle after the first two hours of waiting. In there was a chair we unofficially dubbed “The Whoopie Chair”! It was a leather look alike chair and every time I sat down this whoosh of air would come out of it, sounding for all the world like a whoopie cushion! We had such a time laughing about it. Guess they did not take us too seriously with that going on. Hubby did eventually get his seven or eight stitches, and a boatload of pain killers. And we came home and crashed.

Here’s hoping today will be better. I have plans to pick up my food and go on an art walk before company arrives this afternoon. Have a good Saturday everyone!

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