All the orders are finished.  However I do have to take photos of all the finished wall hangings before they head out the door.  And I am waiting on one shop to get back to me about how many Christmas cards they want of what type in their order.

Other than that, it is clean up time!  I am working on my sewing room.  The landing is cluttered with stuff from my room, but the room doesn’t look any better. I need to get rid of more stuff yet.

Had an interesting chat with my contractor yesterday.  He asked if I knew how to can food.  I do.  He wanted to know if I could teach him.  His wife works long hours and he is not only a contractor but a house husband too!  I agreed to do it after the renovation is over.  Maybe this winter sometime.  I have crabapples in the freezer we can make into applesauce.

The contractors managed to finish mudding the drywall yesterday.  Wednesday they will sand it all.

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