Had a great time in Saskatoon.  Dropped my work at the SCC Boutique in the Affinity Gallery and had a nice chat with the proprietress.  Went across the street for lunch at the Broadway Cafe.  Yum!  I highly recommend this place if you visit Saskatoon and need a meal.

The Affinity Gallery has an interesting exhibit on right now.  There is a metal folding screen made of porcelain vases laid on their sides with very thin bottoms.  On the bottoms and sides are designs of lace doilies.  When the sun shines through the window we hear it makes lovely patterns shining through the thin bottoms of the vases.  It looked beautiful.

Headed to see the Saskatoon Native Ministry of the Presbyterian Church of Canada.  It is an inner city mission doing great work.  I arrived just as a lady was setting up for free art classes they offer the locals.  I think I found someplace to take my art supplies I am no longer using.  I had a past life as a painter before I discovered fibre and was hooked!

Checked out a large bookstore – McNally Rand.  It was a lot to take in at once, and the second time through I was more inclined to pick up something to buy. This is what I found…

Books-on-artI Just Like to Make Things is on creating and building a craft business.  Coaching the Artist Within is about learning to coach yourself as an artist to be a more creative individual.  I am looking forward to a detailed read of both of them.

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