The kitchen renovation has hit a snag…and a delay.  Some of the cabinets are damaged and some are marked.  As they are a light maple, every mark shows.  We are waiting till everything is unpacked Monday before exchanging for new ones.  They will take 2-3 weeks to come.  The new timeline is to be finished the kitchen by mid-November.

As far as rug hooking…I did manage to send some business cards to the shop yesterday.  I also managed to photograph the order for the other shop.  I stopped in on my walk today to check out the new shop.  It looks lovely.  I do need to take my new inventory to them when the owners are back.

I started reading I Just Like to Make Stuff.  It is a light look at starting a craft business.  I think it will help me sort out what I want from my craft/art.  I will continue to work through it and see how I can apply it to my situation.

I did not have a chance to sit down at my frame and hook yesterday.  Maybe today…

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