I had a pretty slow week last week in my studio as far as rug hooking goes.  This week I hope to make up for that.  This week I want to finish hooking the wall hangings for Etsy.  I would also like to post some new work on Etsy.  And I would like to go outside for a walk or two to take some nice photos for the blog.  Seems I am all wrapped up here in the house.

Doing what?  You might ask?  I have been de-cluttering my art and sewing areas in the house.  I used to do fine art and switched to fiber art years ago.  I have a lot of materials and supplies left from my early days.

Compounding that is inheriting all my mother’s art supplies.  I have duplicates, and in some cases, triplicates, of some items.  Time to thin it out!  It took Friday and Saturday to sort through it all.  I am donating most of it to a charity that provides free art classes to inner city people.

The rest that is not art supplies will be going to our church on Thanksgiving Sunday.  We are having an Abundance Sunday, where we bring in our abundance and the church will help see it delivered to the appropriate local charities.

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