Try, try again.  I achieved nothing on my rug hooking list yesterday.  I did manage a doctor’s appointment at the hospital for 2 hours, followed by a 1 hour nap.  I ended up just taking an easy day.  Finished reading a book loaned to me by a friend.  Poked around in my sewing room a bit, cleaning up.  Found lots of surprises in my closet. Spent too much time playing SCRABBLE online with my cousin.  Just generally a  lazy day.  Very tired too.

But, I had a great night’s sleep last night and I’m up and at it today! Today I have a hair appointment bright and early – 9 AM!  That is really early for me.  It’s about the time the contractor is due back at the house.  Hubby will be here to greet him.  He works late today.

My hope is to do more cleaning out of the sewing room, and to start in on some hooking.  I also need to mail my daughter’s birthday card.  I need the walk today.


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