Emmy HarleyManaged to hook 2 1/2 small wall hangings.  Finalized the order for the local shop.  Updated my books.  Oh, and visited these beautiful feline friends too. 🙂

In my defense I have been busy de-cluttering (okay, purging) my sewing room and my art studio.  I have been giving stuff away and listing stuff online for sale.

If you knew my house you would know this is a massive undertaking.  I have a hard time letting go because “I might need that someday!”  I am one of those people who advocates for the comeback of houses with readily accessible attics.  Nothing like a good storage space…just in case.  🙂

That, plus doctor appointment, dealing with contractors, and the gym, have taken up my time.

Today I wandered up to the local yarn store with some unspun fibre to give away.  The store owner wanted to spin it, so I said ‘sure!’  As she was fondling it and walking to the seating area, I noticed some drop dead gorgeous newly hand dyed Merino wool braids on the floor.  My colours too!  She says they’ll be on the shelves next week and selling for $15 each.   Hmm…gotta think seriously about this…

I unearthed a lot of unfinished projects in my sewing room.  A friend suggested I let my boarder finish them if I could not.  Good idea.  But the boarder only wanted to finish one of them – a set of quilted potholders.  I consider it one less project for me to do.  I do not know what I will do with the rest of the sewing projects. Maybe take some time over Christmas to finish them.

All told I have about 8-10 boxes of stuff to go out the door.  Not a lot, but it is a start.  Plus there is the stuff I want to sell.  I am feeling pretty good about cleaning stuff out.

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