I always like it when I can come to these weekly reviews and feel good about things.  I managed to do three key things this week:

  1. Hook rug,
  2. Deliver more inventory, and
  3. Pick up my studio.

Added bonus was being outside to do some plein air hooking.   This afternoon I hope to hook some more.

Further added bonus were the photo sessions in the big outdoors too.  Love the fall colours!  It rained so much this summer I did not take the camera out near as much as I wanted or should.  I feel I missed a whole season of photos.  Which is too bad.  I need to learn to take photos in wind and rain too.

I’ve decided picking up my studio is a never-ending task.  I have a lot of wool in there.  It also doubles as a spinning studio.  Though I do not have room to store unspun fiber in there.  It is only 7.5′ x 14′.  All those windows, archways, and doorway mean I do not have a lot of wall space for storage.  It is a challenge to fit everything in there!

Studio-after-3 Studio-after-2 Studio-after-1

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