I am hoping it warms up so I can do more plein air hooking.  I have a chair and end table on the back patio just waiting for me. 🙂

If it does not warm up I will be working more on the Prairie Sky series for Etsy.  It seems to be going a lot slower than anticipated.  I find fall is a busy time of year for me and for our household.

One of the activities keeping me busy is a de-cluttering of the house, especially my work spaces.  I am somewhat hampered by my friend and partner in crime not being around right now, and by Hubby’s hand being injured.  Means no help moving furniture to rearrange work spaces.

One of the fruits of de-cluttering was being able to take my cast-offs to the church for an Abundance Sunday.  The church collected everyone’s cast-offs and is donating them to charity.  I like it when I can bless others with stuff I no longer need.


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