Tuesday you all remember Hubby and I went out to a nearby valley to see the fall scenery.  The leaves had already fallen from most of the trees, though there were a few hanging on.  We headed out east on Highway 1 to McLean.  We saw signs for an art gallery south of McLean 4 km.  It was a small sign and we almost missed, in fact did, the turnoff.  But we backed up and headed down this dirt road.

Are we ever glad we did! Down the road we met Ernie and Dianna Bereti.  Ernie paints watercolour scenes of the prairie landscape, especially old barns, grain elevators, and such.  His wife, Dianna, is just starting to paint flowers and is doing a great job!  Ernie also does picture framing.  I am very interested.  Plus they sell greeting cards and what looks like some antiques and collectibles, and some reproductions.  We left with much lighter wallets. 🙂

In fact, when we picked out an original painting of Ernie’s we neglected to think about how to pay.  We assumed credit card.  But they only take cash or cheque.  So we emptied our pockets, purse, and wallet to come up with the necessary money for the painting.  It is lovely and we will hang it on our wall gladly and with pride.

Ernie and Dianna were very friendly and we hope to visit them again sometime when we’re out their way.  It was a delightful hour or so with them.

We headed to Indian Head and then up to Katepwa and along the Qu’Appelle Valley through Lebret, stopping at the pottery studio in Fort Qu’Appelle.  I am coveting some of their mixing bowls.  Then going for a very late lunch at the Bakery and Cafe before heading home.

We arrived back home around 4 PM…just in time for a nap, time to get supper on, and out the door to help tutor new immigrants in English. Tuesday was a full and fun day. 🙂

Rose QuAppelle-Valley-1 church-lebret Bell-Barn Algae-1

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