Today I am busy both inside and outside my studio.  I am doing a photo shot for Etsy, to prove I actually do most of the making of my cards, so I can sell them  on Etsy…  I know, they are already listed.  But apparently Etsy has rules about third party manufacturers, and I do not blame them, and I did not notice till a few weeks ago.  So I quickly filled in their form and they sent a request for more information.  So today is the day to provide it for them. 🙂

I managed to finish another Prairie Sky wall hanging yesterday at Crafting, and start the final one on that backing.  Today I will finish that.  Then there are four ornaments to hook before cutting up the backing and finishing edges.  I am hoping to have everything hooked by next Tuesday, when I want to be delivering some art supplies to a mission in a city a couple hours away.  I’m hoping to work on hemming and attaching sleeves in the car while someone else drives.  But we will see how the hooking goes today, tomorrow, and Saturday.

I met a lady yesterday who does latch hook rug hooking.  She designs her own patterns and does a beautiful job of it.  She and I did not have much time together, so I gave her my business card and told her to give me a call some day.  It would be nice to get together for a chat.

I also met a young lady wanting to knit a man’s vest.  Now I do have knitting in my past, and I have a lot of men’s vest patterns.  She does not speak good English.  I ended up inviting her over to check out the patterns I have to see if there is anything that interests her.  She will come over today.

So that’s my studio plans for the day.  Hope everyone else has a wonderful and productive day. 🙂

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