WIP-Etsy-wall-hangingsWall hangings and ornaments are in the process of being finished as we speak.  Serged and blocked them on Saturday.  Couldn’t sleep so was up around 1 AM pressing in edges/hems in preparation for finishing.  Sewed the hems yesterday in the car on a road trip.

Was at the gallery that sells my work yesterday.  A lady came in and bought 7 of my wall hangings!  The gallery wants more inventory.  Must finish these wall hangings and get them up there for them.

But the big news of the day yesterday?  I scored a Patrick Green drum carder for free!

drum-carderGranted, it needs a lot of work.  About $200 worth.  But a new carder is about $600 CAD.  I am already scoping out sources for parts and accessories.



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