I seem to be creating a larger version of my earlier geranium plein air piece.  This is 10″ x 15″.  I am happy with all but the leaves.  I am thinking I have too many colours in there and not enough definition.  Hmm…

I worked a bit on the Christmas ornaments today.  Not much.  Just sewed on ribbons.

Tried to work on my hardanger bellpull, but lost the thread!  I know I put it someplace safe.  Sigh.  Old age is creeping up folks! (Later:  found it under some stuff by my chair…seriously need to pick up around here!)

Pulling out my old rug hooking course notes to see if I can glean some new ideas.

The lower kitchen cabinets are in and look lovely.  The kitchen installers are waiting for the countertop so they can put that in.  It should arrive with them on Monday.  Then they will install the rest of the kitchen.

WIP-K-NE-corner WIP-K-SW-corner

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