Took some much needed time yesterday to pick up before company came.  Today I will be focusing on my finales for the week…the hardanger piece and Geraniums.

I made a few changes to Geraniums as per some suggestions on The Welcome Mat.  Thanks ladies! 🙂  Still working on tweaking it.  More than one person has commented it looks more like poppies than geraniums.  Hmm…I was hoping the leaves would be a clue for people.

I cleaned up around my chair today and found a few things…important things…like a letter from the Department of Finance.  Hmm…better get on that one!

I also found my daytimer.  I am terrible at keeping a good daytimer going.  But this time I managed to pull it out and update it for the month.  I also noted key dates for inventory delivery from last month so I have a record for next year.

I was excited to find an email from Lori LaBerge of the Plein Air Hooking Artists in my inbox with details of the Sauder Village exhibit next year.  Really must make sure I am happy with my work before submitting it for the exhibit.  I am eager to finish Geraniums and get onto Above the Garage.


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