“LYS” stands for local yarn store in the Internet world.  And I have a doozy of one within walking distance of my home.  It is terrible temptation.  I love it!  And I love the ambience of the store.  Just being in amongst all that colour and fibre is pure heaven to me!

So I figured the black yarn in Geraniums was too much.  I needed an aubergine (dark purple) for the shadows of the leaves.  I headed to my LYS to pick up some.  This is what I bought…

GW-yarn-1I have a serious love/hate relationship with this place!  I love, love, love many things about it – some of which I told you about above.  But my wallet quivers whenever I go in there.  I never make it out without buying more than I intended.  I always find a use for it, though, so all is well.   Sharon, the owner, knows my weakness…beautiful 100% wool yarn, and has been very good to deal with when it comes to special ordering certain colours for my work.

If you ever make it to Regina, SK, I highly recommend you drop in to Golden Willow Natural Fibres on 13th Ave.  I am sure Sharon will welcome you in for a chat and to help you find what you want for your next project.  It is a small shop, but mighty! 🙂


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