WIP-Geraniums-4I think I am close to finished.  I have a few things to tweak and double check, but generally I am happy with this now.

What’s up this week in my studio?

  • I will be working on my hardanger and
  • Above the Garage next.
  • Also mind mapping some notes from old International Artist magazines,
  • reading back issues of Wild Fibers,
  • and going through old course notes for more rug ideas.

Hoping to soon be able to get into the basement to work on proper hanging systems for Prairie Sky and Lost Soul.  Right now there is kitchen trim everywhere!  Hubby is almost well enough to pick up work on the trim again.  He injured himself on the table saw over a month ago now.  So glad it was not any worse than it was!

This week we will have the kitchen installers in again.

It will be a busy week.

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