Today is a day for remembrance. The tragic events in Canada recently bring this home in a very real and personal way. If we want the freedoms we have we truly need to stand on guard to protect them. I respect and am grateful for the men and women of our armed forces who protect that freedom by putting their lives on the line. I will be observing Remembrance Day’s 2 minutes of silence at 11 AM .


My laptop is sick. The CD player does not work. So yesterday I took it in. Here’s hoping it’s as good as new when it comes back. Meanwhile I hope this iPad photo will look okay in my post today.

I started “Above the Garage” yesterday. In the process I found a considerable amount of wool yardage that was not 100% wool. What to do? I hand cut it and used it anyway! It was just the right color and texture for the tree trunk and main branches.


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