I sewed another fabric bowl yesterday.


It’s another one I want to keep. The patterns and instructions for these bowls are from this book…


The indecision came after I finished the bowl. It was only about 9:30 am and the plumber had not shown up yet. What to do? Go to the gym? Stay put and wait? And do what? I was very unsettled for some reason.

I decided to stay home and draw more small Prairie Sky rugettes on backing. I started hooking them. I also did an exercise workout DVD to appease my guilty conscience about skipping gym. I also spun another skein of art yarn for my Prairie Sky wall hangings.

The tiler phoned late morning to re-schedule. The contractor arrived around noon to check in and check things out. The plumber arrived around 2 pm. Company arrived at 3:30 pm and stayed till 5 pm. A friend picked me up after supper and we went to watch “The Green Prince”, a documentary film about the son of an Hamas leader, who worked for Shin Bet, the Isreali secret service, for ten years before immigrating to America.

I managed to pick up a parcel from The Woolery last evening and pulled out the necessary parts and equipment to get my Patrick Green drum carder fixed. I am mega happy about that and will spend time today on that… And processing that skein of art yarn.

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