This week will be busy with the house. My plan is to hook wall hangings as long as the tradesmen are here. The electrician comes today. The tiler is here Tuesday and Wednesday. The kitchen installer has to come back, but that might not be till next week. At that point I hope the kitchen is finished. Hubby put trim on the window this weekend. Hopefully the trim around the doors will be finished next weekend.

Yesterday I made another fabric bowl as a gift. But the recipient reads my blog, and knows she’s getting one, so I am not going to post a photo. She can at least be surprised by my fabric choices!

I also hauled out a quilt I started 37 years ago. Yep. That’s right. My first big quilt. Trip Around The World. Two inch squares pieced on point and set on point. I have been struggling with the border for years. It is mixed fibre types, which doesn’t help. My goal is to stretch the quilt back again and hand baste the border before machine quilting it. It will require a lot of effort as it is big enough for a queen size bed.

That will probably not happen this week as I need several large tables to do it on. Maybe some Monday afternoon. The thing is, I want the basket the quilt has been stored in to use for a new laundry basket. Our old one is falling apart, and why buy a new one when I have something that will do? So the quilt moves from storage to active project. It should either be finished or tossed.

But back to my studio this week…
~ I need to pack and mail orders,
~ I need to print out tags for the four Christmas ornaments I just finished,
~ I am hooking more “Prairie Sky” rugettes,
~ I need to get busy and post some more work on ETSY,
~ I am starting “Goldfish” because…my laptop with all the reference photos comes back from the repair shop today!

IMG_0148.JPGStar Ornaments – 4″ x 4″ – $25 each

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