The tilers come again today, but should be gone by mid-morning.  Meaning I hope to make the gym this morning with my friends, and crafting in the afternoon.  I am thinking I will take my hardanger.  I do not have the time to organize my rug hooking for a road trip today.

Yesterday I almost finished a second wall hanging.  I am going slow on these.  I may need to do more dyeing of yellows.  I am hoping my kitchen is done very soon.

I was up in my sewing room yesterday and decided I needed to cull some items taking up floor space.  There are 4 items taking up space: a cross stitch floor stand, a bag full of naturally dyed wool – some hand spun, a big Rubbermaid bin of sale items that haven’t sold at craft fairs (not hooking), and a wicker waste basket with two hooked rugs in it.

Yesterday  I listed the floor stand for sale online.  I used it once and didn’t like it.  It is a very good stand though.  Lots of people pay dearly for them and there is a line up to buy them.  But I just find the floor frame awkward to use.  Plus I will not be doing anymore small counted stitching…other than hardanger…and I already have a scroll frame for that.

Then there was the bag of naturally dyed wool.  It was tail ends from another project.  So I decided to make winter hats out of it.  I will give those as gifts or to charity.  Doesn’t much matter.  I just want to use up the yarn and get it out of here!

The big Rubbermaid bin is an issue.  I might try to list things on Etsy…but I am afraid that will make my shop too diverse.  We will see.

The wicker basket with the hooked rugs?  One is in need of a whipped edge repair.  And one is on burlap and needs to be put up for sale on Etsy.

Now to just get onto all that!



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