Cutter Strips-on-BTIt took all of about 30 seconds…well maybe a minute…to figure out my new Beeline Townsend cutter and get it set up for cutting.  I love it!  Cuts like butter.  A little stressful cutting thick stuff like blankets, but not bad.  Just have to take it slow.  I tried it on the thickest wool I ever hook with…which is very thick.  I am going to look forward to using this baby! 🙂

My finished hat from yesterday…

knit-hatOther great news!  I’m putting things back in my kitchen now.  Most everything is there.  Just need to pick up a few plastic food grade containers to organize things and everything will be in.  Hubby has yet to do the trim and baseboard (what little there is).  Hoping to be cooking in there by the end of the weekend.


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