One contract mailed.  One more to be dealt with via email, but I think it is too early to do it yet.  Will check my past emails and see.

Not sure what I am up to today.  Need to think about my rug hooking and do some research before going any further.  No knitting to do.  Might take more Prairie Sky to work on at Crafting.  Need to pack up and eat breakfast here!

Reading an interesting little book right now called The Hidden Art of Homemaking by Edith Schaefer.  You’d think it was all about homemaking, but it is not.  It is about creativity in every aspect of your home life.  It is from the Christian perspective, and has some very good points to make about how we are afraid to be creative in certain areas of our lives for a variety of reasons.  She encourages people to just create for themselves and their families.  To not dream about a big day when their “boat will come in” as a creative individual, but to just start small.

Something she said must have struck a chord, because I went to play the piano afterwards!  I have never had lessons.  The piano is a leftover of when the girls lived at home.  They played…the eldest in particular.  I miss hearing her play.  Thankfully the good Lord has brought along some wonderful pianists as boarders ever since! 🙂

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