IMG_2241Finished a third Prairie Sky wall hanging.  Only seven more to go on this backing!  I would like to have some for after Christmas, in case the gallery showcasing the exhibit with my work needs/wants more for sale.  I find these small wall hangings excellent for the days I go to Crafting.  One can be hooked in a couple of hours.

Our renovation is going well.  The fridge is back in the kitchen!  Unfortunately we have a few things that need attention.  A small hole in the wall where the phone wires used to be.  Some pull out bins for the pantry.  Some trim for the base of the cabinets.  All things that were promised us but that were not done.  We are on the contractor’s and installer’s radar though.  That is good!

Today is errand day.  I also plan to make some royal icing for a gingerbread nativity event at my church.  And I plan to go Christmas caroling this evening, if I have energy and time. 🙂

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