I had a fun-filled day yesterday…a little early morning disappointment, but it was overcome.  The kitchen installer was here to install the pull out drawers we had paid for.  Only one problem…they were the wrong size!  Not only that but there are none the right size in all of Regina.  They have to order them from the factory.  That will be another three weeks.  Probably not till after Christmas.  At least the kitchen is usable as is.  🙂

In the afternoon I took off for some Christmas fun!  I went to a friend’s and made lots of royal icing for the Gingerbread Nativity event at church this weekend.  Then some shopping for supplies for said event, Christmas baking, and an Asian potluck we are having at church this Sunday. I get to bake and cook!  One of my other favourite things to do! 🙂


I came home and made Korean danmoji – a sweet and spicy pickled radish.  I plan on making a couple of Korean side dishes (namools) to take to the potluck too.  That will round out what is there.  I had to contact one of the Korean ladies in the congregation to nail down what everyone else was bringing so there would be no duplication.  It is going to be a real Korean feast!  I love Korean food.

I also made the fondant filling for peanut butter balls.  Making them will have to wait till later today.

I live in this really cool neighborhood.  It is known as a residence for artists and artisans.  We have a small but mighty business strip within walking distance…including a grocery store.  The last few years they’ve had a Light up the Village campaign in early December.  Businesses stay open late and serve Christmas drinks and food.  People gather and go caroling down the main street.  There were over 50 of us this year!  We all gather for hot chocolate, mulled cider, and snacks afterwards.  It is great fun to be part of a neighborhood like this during this time of year.

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