IMG_2251I was up early Saturday morning and made some spinach namul and mushroom namul.  A namul is a Korean side dish.  A typical Korean meal will have a main dish, rice, and a bevy of these side dishes in small portions.

IMG_2252The recipe for the mushroom namul is from whats4eats.

The recipe for the spinach namul is from Maangchi.

Saturday was a busy day.  I spent it Christmas shopping in the morning.  Then working the church Gingerbread Nativity event.  It was a lot of fun!  Imagine 10-15 hyper-excited kids under the age of ten and you have a good picture of the scene!  🙂

I came home exhausted.  Had a nap…I seem to need those more these days.  Then wrapped presents and prepared gifts for mailing.  Figured out how much it will cost to mail the packages.  It is not cheap!  🙁

Hubby and I discussed Christmas.  He has a specific item he would like.  I have a specific item I would like.  We are each ordering our own present for under the tree! 🙂

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