PB-CupsI love cooking, and I love baking, and I love chocolate making.  But the one thing you gotta know about me is I am one messy cook!  By the time I finished making these luscious peanut butter balls today, I had chocolate on my fingers, my shirt, my pants, and in my hair.  Do not ask how.  But now I know why aprons were invented.  Yes, I know.  I have them.  I just need to remember to put them on!

Errand day today as Hubby was off work.  Some last minute picking up of gifts.  A stop by the camera shop where we were given help on fixing the camera by another customer.  It worked. 🙂  Hence the nice photos.

I am currently working on re-arranging the living room to make room for the Christmas tree.  I decided the sunroom is simply too crowded for one this year.  If we set it up in the living room then we can all sit around it Christmas Day.  This means moving furniture into the dining room for the season…like a nice comfy Mission chair and lamp.

To further the process of decorating for Christmas I managed to crawl on top of a chair on my tippy-toes and pull down some Christmas ornaments and decorations.  I culled a couple items right away as too old and needing a new home.  I cannot reach any more boxes up there.  And I seriously think we gave away the Christmas tree Hubby thinks we have.  He wants to put up the big one this year.  I cannot see it up there.  It might be hiding behind the box the little one is in though.


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