Today is a road trip show.  Off to the gym this morning, a friend’s for lunch, and, finally, some rug hooking at another friend’s this afternoon.

Hubby did find the big artificial tree in behind the little boxed one in the upper cupboard.  I was all set to decorate when I realized we don’t have enough lights.  Every year we go through this, but we have never bought more lights.  So this year I called a halt to the proceedings until more lights are purchased.  Hubby has promised to pick some up after work.

I moved one big chair into the dining room and it does not really look like it fits there.  However it is too big to go upstairs into my studio, which was the original plan.  We are just going to have to live with it in the dining room for now.  It was the only way to make room for the Christmas tree in the living room.  We seem to have a surplus of seating in this living room!

Pictures coming after we decorate the tree this evening. 🙂

Later…  mission accomplished!


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