Hubby and the boarder love the chocolate peanut butter cups I made.  I have made two batches now.  Each batch is 72 or so cups.  I have had to stage a rescue for gift giving.  My secret weapon?  The freezer!  Yep.  I bought the Christmas tins the other day and I hoofed 4 into each one pronto before they disappeared.

Raspberry-RibbonsToday is baking day.  The first batch of Danish butter cookie dough is now baked into Finnish Nut Logs and Raspberry Ribbons.  The Raspberry Ribbons are cooling in preparation for their glaze.  Hubby ate a few Finnish Nut Logs before they made it to the tins.  That’s okay.  Means more baking…in my new kitchen! 🙂

I hooked this little wall hanging yesterday.


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