Danish-heartsThe first potluck was a success.  We did not plan it at all and it worked out fine.  We had about four main entrees, a couple of green salads, a fruit salad, two pies, a pumpkin cheesecake, and a tray of Christmas squares, cookies, and sweet tarts.  We had quite a bit of food.  People were asking if they could go back for seconds! lol  Of course!  By the end of the evening there was not much left over.

In-between all the fun one young man from China asked to see how I hook rug.  So I sat down and gave a quick demonstration before he left, and showed him some of my work.  Told him the price on some of it.  He liked my large Prairie Sky wall hanging.  He thought it expensive.  But he is also a university student.  It is expensive for him, right now.  I estimate about 60 hours of hooking, spinning, and dyeing.  My price on it is $650.

Also had an offer of help from someone with my website and setting it up to sell my rugs.  I might take him up on it in the new year.  We will see.  I am more interested in setting up my blog for selling, to be honest.

Tonight’s potluck is for our Korean friends.  There will be a mix of Canadian and Korean food there.  Mostly Korean.


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