Today I have the whole morning to myself!  Oh my, what to do?   I stitched this hardanger star ornament a few years ago.  I am looking for some hardanger kits I have around here somewhere.  I am thinking more ornaments.  A bit of fun and a short break.

I also have a young friend and her mom coming over to bake and decorate a gingerbread house.  I love the excitement, innocence, and energy kids bring to life!  Everything is imbued with a childlike sense of curiosity and wonder.

This week I am working on finishing Prairie Sky wall hangings for Traditions and the SCC Boutique.

I went through my stash of finished wall hangings and turned up six or more that need hanging sleeves attached.  That is on my radar also this week.  At least making the sleeves will be.  Attaching them may have to wait for another time…  We will see what the season holds.

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