I always have this debate with myself every new year.  Do I do resolutions?  Or wishes?  Or nothing?  I suppose I could do nothing, but then I tend to drift without focus through the year, and end up feeling like I have not accomplished much.

Resolutions, on the other hand, seem so … well… like a straight jacket.  Either you do it exactly as you prescribed, or you are a failure.  Sigh.  I cannot handle the stress of not meeting my sometimes unrealistic expectations. I determined I need to rethink the entire idea of resolutions.

So my solution over the years has been to create a list of wishes.  I pick twenty as a somewhat arbitrary number.  I found it to be a reasonable number to complete in a year.  I approach it tentatively and with an eye to modifying, adding, or dropping as the year progresses.  Some wishes develop into bigger projects than originally envisioned and some dead end suddenly.

Sometimes, though, you don’t know how something is going to turn out.  For example, last year I had “house renovations” on my wishes list.  With my health scare earlier in the year I thought that was totally not going to happen.  I was surprised to hear hubby suggest we renovate the kitchen just a few months later.  But I thought “Why not?”  It would take my mind off myself.  It has, and the results of the renovation are wonderful.

So this year I have more wishes to draw up and work on.  Some related to my business and some more personal.  Some are already under way.

You will notice a few changes to my blog and website.  My website is no more.  When you go there you will be redirected here.  This is to streamline my online presence.

You will also notice changes to the blog.  I have included a “For Sale” page of my work, and a “Where to Buy” page of places that sell my work.  Feel free to check those out and purchase through any of the options.  If you contact me I am signed up to use PayPal as a payment method.

There will be more changes this year, for the better I hope.  I am looking forward to the new year with anticipation and excitement.  Hope you are too! 🙂



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