PS-Paisley-B-edI achieved my main goal yesterday!  My rugs are off to the Affinity Gallery in Saskatoon for the Our Prairie in Fibre exhibit this month.  I also finished one of the paisley Prairie Sky wall hangings and am on the last one on that particular backing. 🙂  I even managed to find some time to sit down and sketch.

Today is the day I pull together all my receipts, invoices, and other papers for the taxman.  Well, in this case our accountant is a woman.  🙂

I’ve been madly trying to update my personal and business finances yesterday and today.  I printed off all my receipts and invoices last night I hope.  Today I will be matching receipts to line items in my records to make sure I have everything!

Okay, let me tell you, this is spiking my fear and dread levels.  Numbers, accounting, and I do NOT get along!  I so would love to just hand everything over to the accountant…receipts in a shoebox.  But she’s trying to make me fiscally responsible, and one can hardly blame her.  She’s getting my spreadsheet in an email attachment.  I really must buy a proper business accounting program…

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