dishwasherEarly post.  Today was a bit hectic.  The repairman did come and informed me my dishwasher wasn’t working because the water in the hoses was frozen!  Guess that happens when you buy a German dishwasher and put it in a Canadian prairie winter!  We’re thinking about buying pipe insulation to wrap around the hoses.

Managed to gather most of the receipts I need for taxes.  A few still missing.  I may just leave them off the final ledger.  It’s not worth the hassle to find receipts for under five dollars.

Went on a very cold walk to pick up some sales information from one of the shops that sells my work, do some banking, and mail an application for the SCC Social Media workshop.  I must have walked super hard, because I was so tired when I came home I slept for 2 1/2 hours!  Great rest, but not very productive.

I updated my 2015 mind map today.  It grows larger and larger by the day!  I need to focus on breaking the goals down into doable steps before I go much further.  I do not want to end up overwhelmed with choices.

I spent some time updating my Etsy shop.  I encourage you to hop on over there and see what’s new or changed.   I will be posting more rug hooking and printed products as the days go by. 🙂

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