See these lovelies?  Do they look hemmed?  No?  I did go to the gym yesterday, and had some welcome, but unexpected company at home.  So today I will work on them.

My review for the week?  I had a long chat with my mentor the other day.  She gave me a lot of ideas to follow up on.  Hopefully they will clarify the direction in which I would like to go.

My mind map has grown exponentially as a result.  I decided to split the business mind map off from my personal one.  I have been struggling with breaking things down into baby steps, but I managed to make a stab at it.  Now I am slowly working through what priority to put on various activities.

I finished updating the titles on my Etsy shop JLT StudiosI have a stack of items to list online this coming week.  I think I will list three a week.  We shall see the response first.

My big achievement this week is to finally get my taxes in order and off to my accountant to figure out the PST I owe the government.  Deadline to pay is the 20th.  I still have to photocopy some credit card statements for my business records, but overall I am done…I think.  My accountant sent me an email instead of a phone call.  I like those better. 🙂

Hubby and I made the decision to go to Saskatoon for the opening reception of Our Prairie in Fibre on January 16th, from 7-9 PM.  It is undecided whether we will come home that evening or not.  A lot depends on road and weather conditions.  My goal is to be home by noon hour Saturday, the 17th, so I can teach a new student to rug hook! 🙂

I put together the three fibre kits for my student to choose from next Saturday.

I registered for the social media and photography workshops offered through the SCC and CARFAC.  I also became a member of CARFAC.

I investigated, and still am investigating, TIGHR membership and the conference this fall in Victoria, B.C.

I have been trying to make a habit of filling a page in my sketchbook every day.  So far I have been hit and miss about it.  But it is important to keep up that particular skill.

I did finish hooking the above Prairie Sky wall hangings the other day, but really not much actual rug hooking done this past week.  But there was a lot of planning going on!

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