PS-finishingI’ve almost finished hemming the Prairie Sky wall hangings.  Two more to go.  I found the 100% cotton fabric to make the hanging sleeves and cut them to size.  While up there I cut a few more hanging sleeves for other rugs.  Found the hook and loop tape for one of the larger wall hangings as well.  Time to get serious about preparing a proper hanging system for them.  Dimensions 2015 is coming up and I want to be ready!


It’s DONE!  I bought my TIGHR membership the other day and am working on going to the Tri-ennial Conference this fall in Victoria, B.C.  Can hardly wait to meet some of the people I only know online.  🙂


Today was a day of finishing…I also gave up with my bookkeeping.  I went in to see my accountant and ended up with her assistant.  The lovely woman said “Just give me your receipts and I’ll figure it out for you.”  Nice.  I’m sure it will cost more, but this just underlines my need for a decent Canadian bookkeeping program.  Anyone have a suggestion?  It needs to track inventory, income, and expenses.  It needs to be simple because I am very mathematically and accounting challenged.  Ie. Quicken is too much for me.

calendar-2015Also, I have a sample 2015 calendar I had printed of my own nature/plant photos.  There is only one of these in existence. If anyone is interested in owning this baby I will sell it for $20 CAD +shipping.  I just ordered it to see what the quality was like from this company (excellent) and the price (a tad bit high for my liking).  I will be looking for a cheaper calendar with the same quality.  If you want any more information on this calendar, feel free to email me at:

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