Wowser!  Hubby is home today and I slept in!  Waaay overtime.  Should have been up three hours ago!  I usually wake up with his 6 AM alarm, and gradually work at getting up by 8 AM (what can I say…I’m really a night owl).  But today it did not go off.  Or if it did, I did not hear it.  I woke up at, get this, 10:15 AM!!!  Guess I needed the sleep…

So plans for today?

I finished hemming the Prairie Sky wall hangings last evening.  So today is the time to make the hanging sleeves and attach them.

I also want to cut some wooden dowels and door stop to make the hanging systems for the Prairie Sky wall hangings, and the pieces I want to have juried for Dimensions 2015.  I hope to have shellacked the door stop by the end of the day.

What is everyone else up to today?

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