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We are on the road today to Saskatoon to the Affinity Gallery for the opening reception of Our Prairie in Fibre.  I am taking my camera and sketchbook.  I also have some printouts from The Thriving Artist Summit I want to read through and decide if the contents have any pertinence to me or not.  We will see what I can do on the road today. 

The weather is a balmy 0°C. There is going to be snow and a risk of freezing rain late this afternoon. Hubby and I are wanting to be in Saskatoon by then. We may be staying overnight.

Finished the hanging systems for Lost Soul and Prairie Sky yesterday.

Also took an inventory of my cards.  I know what I need to reorder for this year.

Still talking to the accountant’s assistant about my taxes.  I really am not ready to do taxes this early in the year, and yet the provincial Finance Department is insisting on the PST payment by January 20th.  That kind of catapults everything.  I don’t get my final sales records for 2014 from one of the shops till after the 20th.  So I am always carrying income over from one year to the next.  Oh well.  If that’s the way they want to be, that’s what they’re going to get.

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