A quick review. Need to clean my house this morning so I can teach rug hooking this afternoon! Or at least pick up some.

Had a great trip up to Saskatoon yesterday afternoon to see Our Prairie in Fibre. It was a wonderful exhibit and the opening was well attended. Hubby counted fifty people about halfway through the evening, and people kept coming and going. The trip home was a bit more stressful as it was late in the evening and snowing most of the way. But we made it. Next time we stay overnight!

This week I managed to attach hanging sleeves on several wall hangings, submit my tax information to the accountant, and start hooking Goldfish.

I also made contact with other fibre artists in Saskatoon and potentially lined up another exhibit this summer.

As well I managed to negotiate acquiring a room for the TIGHR Tri-ennial and sent in my registration form.

I have also been listening to The Thriving Artist Summit.

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