WIP-goldfish-2Goldfish so far.  I am not entirely happy with this, and I foresee a lot of changes.  But, the colour scheme is working out. I spent yesterday afternoon working on itIt is a bit larger than my usual wall hangings.  Goldfish measures 18″ x 24″.

In other news, I received notice that my payment and registration form for TIGHR Tri-ennial arrived and to await my assigned workshops, etc.  I am now officially excited!  Nothing like a trip to Victoria, B.C. for my birthday.   I am definitely going a bit early and taking my camera for the ride. 🙂

And, speaking of camera…here are a few more Mendel Art Gallery and Conservatory photos.

flower-1 Flower-2 flower-3

I find I have certain themes I come back to when photographing or rug hooking.  For me it is always nature.  Plants, landscapes, animals…  I may dabble in the other stuff – people and buildings – but my heart lies with nature.

What about you?  Do you have specific themes that are your favorites?  What do you keep coming back to?

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