ChoclateYuuummmmy…chocolate!  Hardened, but chocolate none-the-less.  Don’t the patterns it makes just spike your creative juices?  I spent some time with my sketchbook and photos yesterday…simplifying photos and seeing where I could find designs to hook. This chocolate was one of my subjects.

I also hooked more on Goldfish.

And I finalized cleaning up my 2014 files and receipts to make way for 2015.  Does anyone else file this early?  My year end is December 31st and I always struggle to get all my sales reports on time to file for PST (provincial sales tax), which has to be paid by Jan. 20th.  I am at a loss how to handle this.  Because I do not receive my final December sales reports from one of the shops until well after the deadline.

A busy day today.  Gym and two sets of company – one local and one overnight guest from out-of-town.  I will see if I can manage any rug hooking related activities. 🙂

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