cell phoneI have a confession to make.  I have spent a good deal of the last 72 hours with this toy.  It is my/our very first cell phone.  An iPhone 5s.  We are having great fun playing with it.  And learning about it.  I was able to justify it by using my business “need” of one and my age.  You know, as we get older we need one “for emergencies”.  😉

My boarder, bless her soul, has been teaching me how to use it.  She is having a great laugh watching my reactions when she shows me what I can do with it.  Tonight we uploaded music from my laptop, added some friends’ phone numbers, and sent them text messages.   This could get dangerous! 🙂

I must admit though, I like the larger laptop keyboard better for typing.

I marvel at what technology can do in our lives now.  When I was a child it was a wood stove for heat and cooking, and we just had electricity for lights and plugs.  We had to buy a lightning rod so the electricity wouldn’t go out every time we had a thunderstorm.

The phone was on the wall and we had to crank the handle to get it to work…on the party line…with the switchboard operator (who also happened to be the post mistress) listening in on all our calls, and passing around the choice bits of “news” with her own special twist.

I remember being about five years old when the first black and white cabinet TV made its way into our home.  I used to sit with my older brothers and my sisters absolutely spellbound by “Batman” and Robin antics.

I remember using an abacus and slide rule.  I was thankful when calculators were finally accepted in the classroom for school use.  Now kids have computers to work with…iPads, iPhones, etc. and the Internet.

We have wi fi and cellular…that’s quite a step to make in 50 years.  Technology has revolutionized the world – the way we work, live, talk, and think.  I can’t help wondering what the next 50 years will bring.

How has technology impacted your life?  Am I the only one out here who remembers the “Dark Ages” of technology?  When was the seminal moment you realized your life was going to change because of a particular piece of technology?  For me it came with the TV, and then with the computer.  Life has never been the same since those two came on tap for me.

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