Well that was interesting. What I thought was a draft post posted early on me last night. But that’s okay. It helped my stats considerably. ?

Today I have a full day to be a rug hooker! I love my Tuesdays! I won’t make my frame by nine, but I sure hope to be at it by ten.

Today I am also drawing spring inventory on backing. These are small pieces other than Prairie Sky wall hangings. I’m looking forward to more Crabapple Spring and regular green Spring rugettes.

I think I need to hunker down and do some Autumn wall hangings too. People have asked for those in the past.

Plus I need to do some analysis of sales figures last year.

And I will be sketching, reading, and listening to Creative Insurgents podcasts.

Last evening I settled down to update my calendar with deadlines for this year. Planning to make time to finish all my hooking for the exhibits I hope to participate in. Next up is to lay out the actual hooking time and schedule it so I actually know what of my time needs to be protected. I have a tendency to take on too much.

What’s everyone else up to today? Am I the only one who has a tendency to take on more than she can handle? How do you all manage your time to get things done?

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