WIP-Goldfish-6A wee bit more to go on Goldfish.  I hope to be finished the bulk of it today.  Possibly I will have time to do some of the corrections.  We shall see. I must admit I have another project on the go…my surprise project.  It will take a while to get off the ground though.  Thankfully, it involves hooking rug!  Which I love to do. 🙂

Today I am doing some reassessing of where I am at this year in my business.  I spent some time yesterday updating and coordinating my various calendars and schedules.  I have a hard copy Moleskin daytimer I use, as well as my iPhone/iPad/laptop schedules which are linked so whenever I change one they all change.  I have to update the family day planner today…so Hubby knows what’s going on when.

Aside from that, Hubby’s mother is very sick with the flu right now.  She is 94 years young.  We are waiting to see if she pulls through.  I dislike winter in some ways.  Seems after Christmas is when my older friends start having health problems.  Every year a few more of them do not make it through.  Their leaving reaffirms for me the need to make the most of each and every day.  We are here for such a short while.

On a more upbeat note, the next exhibit I am looking forward to is Dimensions 2015.  I will be entering at least one rug to be juried – the large Prairie Sky.  Here’s hoping the jury likes it.

I decided not to send Lost Soul for jurying.  Hubby and I decided it is too controversial.  It seems to evoke strong feelings in people – be it anger, laughter, or identification with the girl in the rug.  Plus I am concerned about quality, as it is not on linen backing, but hooked on rug warp, which is a strong cotton.  I am not sure if the jury would accept it based on that alone.  Too bad.  I spent a lot of time on that rug.  But it will remain in my personal collection to maybe be exhibited somewhere else later.  I’ll never say “never” to exhibiting it somewhere.  It just needs the right venue, and to be the right timing.

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