InventorySorting through inventory trying to figure out what is posted on Etsy and the blog For Sale page and what is not.  I also need to finish getting tags on these, and updating the tags on the others.  I did manage to re-arrange my For Sale page and Etsy shop to hopefully coincide with each other and make the shopping experience easier across platforms.

I decided, after tweaking the eye on Goldfish, to leave the mouth as is.  A couple of people looked at it and thought it looked just fine.  Hmm…I may still change my mind, but added to the mix is the fact I cannot find my goldfish photos on my computer!

Today’s activities, aside from the inventory, is to change my cutter blade to the kitmaker blade…the long blade, and the long plates.  Seems I spend far more time cutting wool than I would like, so I’m switching to the longer blade to see if that helps.  My cutter is situated only 2′ from the floor and it is hard on my back to bend over it and cut for any length of time.  So hopefully using the longer blade and spending less time at the cutter will help.  I’d love to raise the cutter but I have windows all around my sunroom studio that go down to just over 2′ from the floor.

Other than that I am working on my surprise project right now.

On a side note and an update: Hubby’s mom is doing a bit better these days.  She is responding to medication.  It remains to be seen if she pulls through okay.  Thanks for all your good thoughts, prayers, etc.

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