Be-Mine-FThis is part of the surprise I have been working on.  I am creating e-patterns to sell on Etsy.  I provide:

  • a sample photo,
  • a list of supplies and materials,
  • basic rug hooking instructions,
  • some tips for hooking my style,
  • a finishing technique,
  • and the pattern.

They are $10CAD each and in a 6″ x 6″ format.  Of course they can be hooked any number of ways.  They do not have to be hooked in my style!  You will need Adobe Acrobat to read the files as they are in pdf format.  Look for one new pattern each month. 🙂

In case you missed it, I started a Facebook page for JLT Studios.  I am using it to post information on my work and the work of other North American artists.  Also to advertise the galleries that support the craft of rug hooking, events, and exhibitions.  I will be working on more content for it as the weeks go by.

This week I will be tagging wall hangings with new prices, and taking photographs of some of my later wall hangings.  I attended the CARFAC workshop on Photographing Your Artwork Saturday, and am gearing up to try a few things.  It was not really aimed at photographing fibre art, which presents its own challenges.  But I think I can concoct some way to get better photos based on what I learned about light.

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