My mother-in-law passed away Sunday evening.  I will not be spending much time in my studio this week.  Hubby is preparing the eulogy.  We will be traveling to another province for the funeral, and our girls will be flying halfway across the continent for it. Spent most of yesterday on Skype, email, and phone making plans.

Today I will be preparing food for a road trip and putting more designs on backing. I chatted with the owner of one of the shops yesterday and she has enough inventory for spring she thinks. I will talk to the other shop assistant later this month.

I am planning some reading for the trip to the funeral. I am still working with iPhone: The Missing Manual by David Pogue.  And I’m reading Coaching the Artist Within by Eric Maisel.  And then there’s When Talent Isn’t Enough by Kristen Fischer. Those plus visiting with family will keep me plenty busy.

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