Flowers-MarieThanks for hanging in there with me everyone.  We were at my mother-in-law’s funeral and, as well as celebrating her life, had a good time reconnecting with relatives we hadn’t seen in a very long time.

Sunday evening we headed south to see relatives who had been flooded out in the 2013 High River flood.  Did not spend near enough time there.  Hope to be going back again soon.

As for this week in my studio?

I spent some time on the way home creating a business plan mind map.  I have a few areas I need some help with, but it is definitely a beginning.  I had no idea I was so firm in what I want in some areas.  The result of that was to go through my calendar and make notes on what needs to be worked on next.


  • post on JLT Studios Facebook page every day but Sunday,
  • write a blog entry on JLT Studios every day but Sunday,
  • start hooking my Prairie Sunset wall hanging,
  • check to see if I have the fibre to hook the Prairie Sunset wall hanging!
  • do a bit of googling for images of prairie sunsets.  Need to check a few things.
  • attach new price tags to wall hangings,
  • finish reading When Talent Isn’t Enough,
  • listen to some Thriving Artist podcasts, and
  • update my Etsy shop.

What’s everyone else up to this week?  Any news to share?

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