I finished reading When Talent Isn’t Enough by Kristen Fischer.  It gives a great overview of how to develop a business plan for the creative minded entrepreneur.  I used it to generate a huge mind map of ideas for an official business plan.  Combined with my JLT Studios Facebook page statistics I should be able to come up with a decent plan.

I may, or may not, visit Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan offices.  I’ve used their services before and they were good.  They might help me fine tune a business plan with actual sales figures, etc.  I am not sure where one would turn those up.


I’ve moved onto reading The Right-Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee.  So far it looks interesting.  I have over two pages of notes on the first chapter alone…lots of ideas.  Jennifer has you do creative exercises throughout the book to get the ideas flowing.


Here are some images I cut out that I determined later really tell me I want a separate studio from the house!  Not likely to happen here.  City bylaws would prohibit it.  However, there are some ideas here for furniture that would make my life a whole lot easier.

As for Prairie Sunset… It is close to being finished.  A few more loops in the sky.  Some switching of colours near the sun, and I should be done.  🙂


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