My floor frame broke!  More accurately a glued section came unglued.  Hubby is reglueing it, but that means I have to wait 24 hours for it to dry.  Bummer!  So instead I’m working more on that business plan.

Today I’m taking the time to scout out the competition.  I’m checking rug hooking blogs and websites online and deciding what I do and don’t like about them.  Trying to find if there’s a niche that’s been overlooked.

I also decided to check out the ATHA magazine for advertising and see what I could find.  Interesting.  There are no Canadian rug hooking shops advertising in the ATHA magazine.  Hmm…wonder where they advertise?  Or if they need to?  A question to ask vendors at the TIGHR conference this fall.  Most curious…

I have Prairie Sunset all set to hem.  Just haven’t got around to it.  Lots happening here.  Just heard that Hubby’s step-dad had a  massive stroke and is not expected to live.  He’s in palliative care.  Yes, we did just go to the funeral for Hubby’s mother two weekends ago.  We could be making another trip soon… 🙁

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