SCC-Social-Media-WorkshopAttended the Saskatchewan Craft Council Social Media workshop this past weekend.  I am going to try and streamline my online presence as a result, and use Facebook and Twitter more for ads and events.  A fun time networking and learning.

Also busy ripping up plaids into swatches.  I just managed to do one shelf.  I have another shelf and a couple of bins left to do.  I have lots of plaids to work with!

My Monday morning consisted of the gym and attending a friend’s funeral.  I seem to have a lot of deaths in my circle of acquaintances lately.  It’s kind of sad really, but I have been thankful they have been more upbeat kinds of funerals…more a celebration of the long lives lived.  Still, I’m starting to miss people…

So I’m keeping busy with my texture and plaid sorting and swatching today.  This week is my Week of the Plaid! lol  Here’s hoping I can post some for sale soon.  I’m off to take photos now.  Keep an eye on my blog for swatches for sale.

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